Awarded by the French Government to structure the private 5G sector

Alsatis has won several call for projects lauched by the French Government for its "Investments for the Future programme" (PIA4)

Our services

THD Radio

Le Très Haut Débit Radio pour les départements, dans les zones blanches non couvertes par la fibre.


Les réseaux 4G et 5G privés, sur-mesure, pour développer tous les usages d’avenir.

Our services


PMR to LTE modernisation


Conception, déploiement et maintient d’infrastructures de télécommunication à travers la France.

Our lines of business


Click here to discover [FR] how we work with Toulouse Hospital for an interoperable, sovereign and secure private 5G network 

Smart Territory

On a department / major city scale, we develop IoT / 5G networks for intelligent, sustainable, sovereign and resilient territories

Critical use cases

Sovereignty and criticality are at the heart of our innovative R&D 

Smart Manufacturing

Private stand-alone 5G, tailor-made, for all


Click here to discover [FR] how we are improving air quality in the city through real-time traffic management in Smart Cities.


Sovereign and interoperable 5G networks for ports, airports, transport authorities, ...

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