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Our Expertise

Alsatis Networks, the Innovative Operator

For 14 years, we have been operating as a network operator, in charge of the engineering, deployment, technical and commercial operation of infrastructures built as part of digital regional development projects.

State-of-the-art radio engineering, advanced optimizations and high-precision modeling. Find out more

We ensure the design and deployment of numerous radio sites. The design reinforces and adjusts the information defined by the engineering. The deployment then allows the execution of the works and the commissioning.
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Nos équipes assurent l’exploitation et la maintenance préventive/curative de plus de 8 000 équipements de réseaux radio et FFTX.
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Our 4G/5G/6G network innovations offer the best networks for the use cases of tomorrow.
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Technical and commercial use of radio and FTTX with numerous ISPs. Find out more

We have our own national and secure WAN architecture that adapts to the needs of its customers.
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