High quality 5G Networks & Made In France.

Awarded by the French Government in order to structure the Private 5G sector.

As part of the Recovery Plan led by Bruno Le Maire, the Government established an Acceleration Strategy to accelerate the development of the networks of the future. By supporting the regions' and industry's demand through the development of the use of 5G, this strategy aims to contribute to the competitiveness of the French economy.

Alsatis is the winner of several projects submitted in this context.

Discover Alsatis' innovative projects

5G Vertical ISS

Interoperable, sovereign and secure 5G for hospital environment

ALSATIS designed the 5G Vertical ISS project to deploy and validate an innovative vertical 5G solution. ISS stands for Interoperable, Sovereignty and Security. Although it its designed for hospital environments, it also meets all the needs of companies and industries wishing to have indoor high quality private 5G coverage. 


5G for critical use cases and applications

CriIoT aims to secure a national supply of strategic technologies for connected objects on all major markets. 


5G for air quality and traffic management in smart cities.

The project aims to deploy 5G microcells in street furnitures, making real time air quality diagnosis possible, and thus allowing immediate car traffic regulaition accordingly.

Vol de Nuit

Innovative Broadband demonstrator in Toulouse City.

As a result of reflections between local decision-makers, this project initiated by Toulouse Metropole gathers many local companies and creates collective challenges for the evolution of urban telecommunications infrastructures. 


La 5G Open-RAN Franco-Allemande pour une souveraineté européenne


La 5G privée au service de l'industrie 4.0


La 5G Open RAN Franco-Allemande, pour les zones d'activités


La 5G privée et les réseaux IOT pour des territoires intelligents, durables et souverains.

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