Department of Isere

since 2009

THD Radio Technology to end white areas ;
Private stand-alone 5G ;
IoT / LoRa Networks.

Department of Haute-Garonne

since 2010

WiFi, Fixed Wireless Networks and LTE management ;
Hybrid UWB / LTE / 5G networks upgrades ; end-user connections.

Vendée Numérique

Depuis 2018

Conception, implementation and management of "THD Radio" (high speed internet) and LTE technologies.
30000+ households and businesses eligible.

Axione Alsatis Réseaux


since 2009

Networks conceptions and deployments.

Toulouse Alsatis Réseaux références et partenaires

Toulouse Metropolis

Depuis 2018

Management of Toulouse's public wifi network.

Alsatis Réseaux client références et partenaires

SFR Collectivités

since 2018

Technical and commercial network management.
High speed internet for individuals and businesses.


since 2009

High speed internet in out-of-coverage areas. Engineering, deployment and network management.

Charente Alsatis Réseaux Références et partenaires

Department of Charente

since 2009

Deployment of fixed wireless networks through WiFi technologies in order to cover 98% of this territory's out-of-coverage areas.
Technical expertise and support, and commercial management for 1500+ households.

Electrification Union of the Department of Jura

Since 2012. Exploitation and maintenance of active and inactive FTTH networks ;
End user commercialisation and connections.

La manche Alsatis Réseaux

Department of Manche

Analysis and validation of all line of sights for point-to-point connections in the terrestrial network. In partnership with Sogetrel.

Sarreguemine metropolitan government structure

Since 2012. Technical and commercial exploitation of a fiber network ;
350+ businesses eligible on 8 activity areas ;
These rural areas can now benefit from ultra high speed internet, just like metropolises do.


[ 🚩 United States ] Engineering and deployment of wimax networks ;
Installation and configuration of the network's core ;
Qualification and validation of Bloosurf's LTE solution ; EPC configuration ; Validation tests ;
Support and counseling for all LTE operations and upgrades.

Bolloré télécom Alsatis Réseaux

Bolloré télécom

since 2009

For Bolloré Teelcom's Public service delegation agreement in the Department of Vienne ; Engineering and deployment of terrestrial network coverage ; Technical exploitation and maintenance of public WiFi networks.

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