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Smart territories

Digital Transition of all Territories

Historical partner of local authorities, we are committed to providing a tailor-made quality service, in order to contribute to the attractiveness of the territories. Marked by a strong culture of excellence and innovation, we are a major contributor to connected and sustainable territories.

Smart Territories

Dedicated connectivity sollutions for multiple use cases, for the benefit of all territories' attractivity, sovereignty and sustainability.

Dedicated networks

Private and secured network for critical communications (PMR/DMR/TETRA)
Nomad 4G/5G connectivity cells for small and massive events and for all emergency services 
5G connectivity solutions for industrial, medical and agricultural environments.

Data management and Valuation

Pilot your infrastructures and visualize all your data at any time, from your dedicated tailor-made platform.




Sustainable development and digital sobriety punctuate the development of our technologies.

Security & Cybersecurity

Private and secured networks for all type of critical communications and data.


As a major component of connected territories, attractiveness owns a special place in our use cases.

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